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Rated X is now available on video from Amazon.com.  Nicole has a small role in this movie. But if you're needing to complete your collection then click below as Amazon have Rated X discounted. Click VHS or DVD for prices.
Or order from the UK in PAL/Europe encoded format from Blackstar: VHS - DVD

My Date with the President's Daughter. Nicole only makes a few small appearances in this movie as 'Bonnie', a car stealing delinquent, with her boyfriend 'Clyde'. For completists only.

CUBE is now available on VHS and DVD from the US and the UK.  Starring Nicole deBoer as the mathematician Leaven, this is a psychological and claustrophobic horror set within a building of boobytrapped interlocking cube shaped rooms. Internationally screened to packed cinemas this is definitely one of Nicole's best performances.  Click these links if you wish to order the UK formats. PAL VHS and UK/Europe DVD Zone format.

Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy. Nicole features as a groupie in a couple of scenes as well as getting out of the bed of one of the main characters. Canadian humour. 

Jungleground. Nicole is in this one for about 5 minutes in a scene that I can only describe as info dumping. While this small part certainly captures Nicole's dedication and strength in acting, by showing just about everyone else up, this movie is for completists only.

National Lampoon's Senior Trip. Lots of Nicole in this one! She plays a gay student and, apart from dancing a bit and saying a few important lines her character is there to make sure that there are lots of main people in the movie. She doesn't get to do much but she is in many scenes. The Uk PAL VHS release features her on the cover. 

The Kissing Place. Nicole plays the part of a 'model' traveller in the last 20 minutes or so, helping the kid on the bus and to other places before being taken away by a pimp.  Love the boots!

Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil.
While the script isn't up to much, Nicole features in most of this movie, (definitely the star of it), and is the one left for the final showdown. (Also, most of Nicole features in this movie!!!) As a Nikki fan commented, she's one of the best screamers on video!

The following video releases may feature Nicole but no one knows at the moment. If anyone can advise the site please email me or post a message on the message board.
Best of the Kids in the Hall (1993)
Kids in the Hall Season 4 (4 eps)
Kids in the Hall
Kids in the Hall Season 4

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The work that Nicole is most recognised for is now available on video in PAL format only. Nicole plays the part of Ezri Tigan Dax, a joined species known as the Trill. Ezri Dax must assist the characters on the space station Deep Space Nine in a war against the Dominion.  Most of the episodes in these 13 tapes are interlinked, the war being part of a story arc in the last 6 tapes. The 1st 6 tapes deal with Nicole's character as she settles in to the role. Rumour has it that Nicole's character may appear in a cameo in the next Star Trek movie. So if you haven't seen these episodes yet, and you have access to a PAL playing VCR, get them in time for Christmas!!!
7.1 Images in the Sand/
Shadows and Symbols
7.2 Afterimage/
Take Me Out to the Holosuite
7.3 Chrysalis/
Treachery, Faith and the Great River
7.4 Once More Unto the Breach/

The Siege of AR-558
7.5 Covenant/
Its Only a Paper Moon
7.6 Prodigal Daughter/
Emperors New Cloak
7.7 Field of Fire/
7.8 Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges/
Badda-Bing Badda-Bang
7.9 Penumbra/

Till Death Do Us Part
7.10 Strange Bed Fellows/
The Changing Face of Evil?
7.11 When It Rains/
Tracking Into the Wind
7.12 Extreme Measures/
Dogs of War
7.13 What You Leave Behind
(2 hour finale to DS9) 

Other videos
When Innocence Is Lost
This video can be back ordered through Amazon.com

The Counterfeit Contessa was available in the UK in PAL VHS format a few years ago. You can ask Blackstar to hunt for a copy for you.

Family Pictures is, according to some reviews, not the best of scripts when relating to disabled children. For completists only. Available on PAL VHS from Amazon.co.uk and Blackstar.

J.F.K. - Reckless Youth has had a difficult start in release. Sometimes it is available at Amazon, sometimes the link changes and you need to search for it. Click the link to find its current status!

The Outer Limits: Quality of Mercy was available in the UK a few years ago and has since been deleted. Blackstar offer a hunt service which would be your best bet in getting this in PAL VHS format.

DS9 2002 Calendar now available.

Featuring Nicole deBoer as Ezri Dax on the December page.

Star Trek 2002 Desktop Calendar
Now Available
Featuring Nicole on the following pages:
Tuesday June 11th
Friday August 30th
Friday November 29th
Friday December 20th
For more information on how to order click HERE.

Latest DS9 novel to feature Ezri:
Demons of Air and Darkness (ST:DS9. Book 4 in the Gateways series)
Apparently Ezri's character is explored more in this novel.

DS9 novels featuring Ezri Dax. 

Avatar: Book One
Avatar: Book Two
Section 31: Abyss (Lots of Ezri!)

A DS9 novel that may feature Ezri Dax.
Merchants and Traders:
The Latinum Main

The DS9 Companion in both Book and CD ROM versions feature pictures and information about Nicole and Ezri Dax, Nicole's character on DS9.

Star Trek The Lives of Dax Book featuring Ezri on the cover The Lives of Dax book features stories from every life that Dax, the symbiotic character inhabiting Ezri, has had. This is also available as a downloadable e-book.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine book - What You Leave Behind- a novelisation of the final 90 minute episode of Deep Space Nine. Features Nicole's character, Ezri Dax, in the book and on the cover. This is also available as a downloadable e-book.

These Are the Voyages - Original Star Trek Art and Photos Signed by Your Favorite Trek Actors from Light Speed Fine Art!
This piece of artwork is a work in progress from Light Speed Fine Art. They paint and sell  original science fiction artwork as well as prints. Nicole's character from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Ezri Dax - is near the bottom right. On most of this work, the eyes need to be added as well as other defining features  so don't zoom in too close!
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