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Nicole de Boer as Samantha Wallace
Poltergeist: The Legacy
- The Crystal Scarab
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Samantha Wallace is in Luna Hospital dying from Aplastic Anemia and her father, Clayton Wallace, is desperate to save her. He buys a scarab pendant from a shopkeeper in Turkey that has the power of revitalising its wearer,  but only if the accompanying scarab beetle ring is attached to the finger of a healthy victim. Wallace initially intends to make the sacrifice himself.  He gives the pendant to Samantha then tries to give her his life force but it didn't work as his energy was too weak. He had to find another victim for her. He gave the scarab ring to a gang member which turned him into a withered corpse. Samantha recovered instantly. But her degenerative disease was too strong, causing a relapse, and so Wallace needed to find more victims. As well as that the Scarab pendant takes control of Samantha telling Wallace that she needs more.  After successfully taking the life of a street woman but failing to take the lives of the main characters, the choice is taken from him when Samantha takes the Scarab ring and places it on Nick's finger.  (Nick is the main character in the show so, of course, he can't die. But I won't spoil the ending for you!) 
If you'd like to read a complete synopsis of the episode go to www.legacyweb.com
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