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Stephen King's The Dead Zone
The Fearing Mind
Rated X V - D - ukV - ukD
Dooley Gardens 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12
Family of Cops III 1-V-D
My Date with the President's Daughter
Star Trek: DS9 1-2-3-4-5-V
When Innocence Is Lost
Cube 1-V-D-ukV-ukD-starV-starD
DeepWater Black 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-Links
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy V-starV
Jungleground V-D
National Lampoon's Senior Trip 1-V-starV
The Counterfeit Contessa 1-starV
Family Pictures V-ukV-starV
Heart of Courage
J.F.K.: Reckless Youth
Catwalk (MTV)
Prom Night 4: Deliver Us From Evil 1-V-starV
Beyond Reality series
Beyond Reality: Passion
Beyond Reality: Mirror, Mirror
The Kissing Place V-starV
The Outer Limits: Monster 1-2-3
The Outer Limits: Quality of Mercy 1-starV
Psi Factor: Possession
Poltergeist:Legacy-The Crystal Scarab
TekWar: Chill Factor
E.N.G: The Play's the Thing
E.N.G: Baby It's you
The Hidden Room: Faithful Follower
Ready or Not: All or Nothing
Forever Knight: Dark Knight 1-2
Sweating Bullets: Abandoned
The Kids in the Hall: various eps
Freddy the Freeloaders Christmas Dinner
Maniac Mansion
Street Legal
First Resort

1-2- etc = links feature screen grabs of Nicole from the story, or a description if no screen grabs are available.
V=VHS from
D=DVD from
ukV=VHS PAL format from
ukD=DVD in UK/Europe encoding from
starV=VHS from Blackstar in PAL format in the UK, or make a request for Blackstar to hunt it for you. (Some items were available in the UK over 5 years ago when they had yet to be released in the US. These items usually got deleted within about 3 or 4 years. So you may need to get Blackstar to hunt the item for you. Click the link to find out full details of availability or hunting costs)
starD=DVD from Blackstar in UK/Europe encoding.
_____=Link could be any of the above! Explore!

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Deep Space Nine Calendar 2002
The Dead Zone pilot is finally available to order on video.
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Star Trek 2002 Desktop Calendar
Featuring Nicole on the following pages:
Tuesday June 11th
Friday August 30th
Friday November 29th
Friday December 20th
For more information on how to order click HERE.

Latest DS9 novel to feature Ezri:
Demons of Air and Darkness (ST:DS9. Book 4 in the Gateways series)

Other DS9 novels featuring Ezri Dax.

Avatar: Book One
Avatar: Book Two
Section 31: Abyss (Lots of Ezri!)

Rated X is now available on video from Nicole has a small role in this movie. But if you're needing to complete your collection then click below as Amazon have Rated X discounted.
Click VHS or DVD for prices.

 Cube: The movie is now available on VHS and DVDStarring Nicole deBoer as the mathematician Leaven, this is a psychological and claustrophobic horror set within a building of boobytrapped interlocking cube shaped rooms.  Internationally screened to packed cinemas this is definitely one of Nicole's best performances.
This is also now available in PAL VHS and UK/Europe DVD Zone format

The DS9 Companion in both book and CD ROM versions feature pictures and information about Nicole and Ezri Dax, Nicole's character on DS9.

Star Trek The Lives of Dax Book featuring Ezri on the coverThe Lives of Dax book features stories from every life that Dax, the symbiotic character inhabiting Ezri, has had. 

More Nicole collectables here!

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The snail mail address you normally see for Nicole is no longer available.Nicole deBoer as Ezri Dax from Star Trek Deep Space Nine  Nicole will let us know when a new snail mail address is available.  In the meantime feel free to leave a message for her on the message board as she stops by to read it every now and then. USA Networks may release a fan mail address for Nicole around August this year.
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Nicole deBoer's latest television work is as Sara Bannerman in the USA networks series - Stephen King's The Dead Zone. 
The series began screening on June 16..
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Welcome Nicole deBoer - The Unofficial Site.

Within you will find screen grabs of Nicole deBoer's appearances, credited as either Nicole deBoer, Nikki deBoer, Nikki de Boer or Nicole De Boer. There is a filmography list on the next page.
Here are some more to help out the search engines trying to find this site! Nicole deBoer,Nicole de Boer,Nikki deBoer,Nicole De Boer,Nicole DeBoer,de Boer,Ezri Dax,Dax,Ezra Dax,DS9,Deep Space Nine,Star Trek,Deepwater Black,Mission Genesis,Yuna,Images,image,pictures,screen grabs,news,Canada,Empire Entertainment,Dooley Gardens,Beyond Reality, Fearing Mind, Stephen Kings The Dead Zone, Rated X, My date with the Presidents Daughter, When Innocence is Lost, Cube, Kids in the Hall Brain Candy, Jungleground, Tekwar Chill Factor, National Lampoons Senior Trip, The Counterfeit Contessa, Family Pictures, Heart of Courage, JFK Reckless Youth, Catwalk, Prom Night 4 Deliver Us From Evil, Beyond Reality, Passion, Mirror Mirror, The Kissing Place, The Outer Limits, Monster, Quality of Mercy, Psi Factor Possession, Poltergeist The Legacy The Crystal Scarab, E.N.G., ENG, The Play's the thing, Baby it's you, The Hidden Room: Faithful Follower, Ready or Not, All or Nothing,  Forever Knight Dark Knight, Sweating Bullets Abandoned, Freddy the Freeloaders Christmas Dinner, 9B, Maniac Mansion, Street Legal. Click here to enter the site.